Automate your cloud API creation with Autorest.

Streamline your Rest API process to save time, resources, and overhead expenses. Skip the need for a developer team with our no code 30 second setup. Simply connect a database and save your query and we will do the rest.

Connecting to the cloud shouldn't be complicated.

Serverless & Scalable

Autorest was built to handle services based on demand, flexibly expanding and contracting to fit your needs.

30 Second Setup

Create reliable API connections in under a minute with only a SQL command and an existing database connection.

Saves Time & Money

Why pay for developers when you can streamline your process at the fraction
of the cost?

Safe & Secure

Autorest’s platform uses up-to-date security practices to protect your APIs
and data around the clock.

So, how does it work?

Start by creating a database connection that will be used by your API endpoints. Databases supported by Autorest are MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLServer, MariaDB, and Redshift.

Create an API

Specify a name for the API, and it will automatically be created using the latest scalability and security standards to optimize performance.

Add endpoints

Create your endpoints in just a few clicks. Add your query details and select a database to connect to, and your endpoint is ready to be invoked.

The last headache you'll have over APIs

With our API creation tool, you will never again have to wait for deployments, chase irritating server bugs, or worry if your API is secure enough ever again.